Meet The Project Organizations

We are happy to announce that the project Schools For Inclusion will count on the participation of 5 project organizations from 4 different European countries, including Spain, Portugal, Romania and Greece. All of these organizations are united around the common goal of promoting diversity and social integration in schools. Together, they plan to create and share good practices and pedagogical tools that can bring us closer to equality in schools and contribute towards a more well-rounded, tolerant and respectful youth. The project organizations are Asociación Iniciativa Internacional Joven (or the International Youth Initiative) and IES Portada Alta from Spain, Agrupamento de-Escolas Gil Eanes from Portugal, Liceul Teoretic “Emil Racovita from Romania, and finally, the 2nd Gymnasio Neas Ionias Volos Magnisias from Greece. Without the participation and dedication from these organizations, the creation and successful execution of this project would not be possible. To get to know these organizations better, please visit this page on our website: