First Transnational Project Meeting

In order to coordinate the project, define all its activities, specify strategies for project management and communication and clarify doubts, representatives of the five organisations (Iniciativa Internacional Joven, IES Portada Alta, Agrupamento de Escolas Gil Eanes, Liceul Teoretic “Emil Racovita” and 2 Gymnasio Neas Ionias Volos Magnisias), we met on September 22 in Portugal for our first Transnational Project Meeting.

This meeting was hosted by the Portuguese organisation of the project, Agrupamento de Escolas Gil Eanes, and it took place in Lagos.

The main aim of our project, which is co-founded by the European Union, is to improve the tools and methodologies used in secondary schools to educate in values in order to contribute to the social inclusion of ethnic minorities and migrants.