Project Outputs: Intangible results

As we finish the Schools For Inclusion project, we would also like to highlight  the intangible results. These results include: 

  1. Improvements in key competencies of secondary school teachers and their alumni; 
  2. An increase in student’s qualities such as empathy and respect; 
  3. Improvement in students skills necessary for social inclusion such as cooperation, teamwork and critical thinking; 
  4. Development of useful skills and resources gained by educational professionals by creating and implementing the tools and good practices presented in this eBook;
  5. The facilitation of the creation and implementation of similar projects and or activities in years to come through the creation of an international network of organizations working on values education and the promotion of inclusion through innovative educational tools; 
  6. The strengthening of existing contacts and creation of new networks among educators that will allow organizations to increase the number of collaborators and to carry out more projects of better quality and scope in the future; 
  7. The spreading of knowledge and experiences through the making of the eBooks, the Schools For Inclusion website, the video summary and the multiplier events by participating organizations. 

Although these results can not be directly observed, we believe that they are still valuable achievements created by the Schools For Inclusion project, and we know that their effects will be felt in the local and international educational communities.