Project Outputs: eBooks

As we wrap up all of the activities established in this project, it can be seen that the Schools For Inclusion project has had impressive impacts on the project organizations and their educational networks. To point out a few of the outputs and achievements thus far, we would like to mention that we have created two eBooks (from both the first and second half of the project) which are available in 5 different languages, including English. 

As mentioned in a previous article, the first eBook displays an analysis of the educational legislation in the four countries involved in regards to education in values and the promotion of inclusion of people belonging to ethnic minorities and migrants in secondary education, as well as identifies and selects good practices for secondary education. The second eBook gives a more comprehensive overview of the entire project, with an emphasis on sharing the tools and methodologies that are currently used in secondary schools with the goal of improving education for the social inclusion of ethnic minorities and migrants, as well as increasing knowledge on core social values.