Analysis of the situation in Greece

In the analysis of the situation regarding educational legislation and the promotion of inclusion in schools in Greece, the 2nd Gymnasio Neas Ionias Volos Magnisias highlighted that Greece collaborates with the Council of Europe and the European Union in order to design and implement a National Strategy that promotes educational equality and social integration. Educational legislation that has been born from this national strategy includes Law 3879/2010 on Reception Classes, which are implemented in schools who receive students coming from educational priority zones, like ethnic minorities, refugees and immigrants. The objective of reception classes in Greek education is to promote inclusion in schools and eliminate other social problems, such as gender inequality or unequal access to education for individuals pertaining to vulnerable populations, such as disabled persons, indigenous, migrant children, etc.    

Lastly, the partner organization points out that Greece’s legislation on education in values is limited to the “Education for Inclusion” program created by the Ministry of Education, which trains teachers on how to successfully carry out reception programs, including the teaching of values. 

It is important to note that the partner organization The 2nd Gymnasio Neas Ionias Volos Magnisias enrolls students who come from a migrant background and/or pertain to the Romani ethnic group in these Reception Classes to ensure their access to educational opportunities and promote equal outcomes among alumni.